BitBucket Pipelines Kata Containers Virtual Machine Escape

Atlassian ran a project on Bugcrowd looking for bugs in their proposed implementation of Kata Containers within the BitBucket Pipelines CI/CD environment. Whilst participating in this project, I identified a vulnerability in Kata Containers which could allow processes running in the Kata VM to write to supposedly read-only volume mounts. This vulnerability was fixed by the Kata Containers team and assigned CVE-2020-28914. Within the project Pipelines environment exploiting this vulnerability allowed a malicious build job to write semi-controlled data to arbitrary files on the host system as the root user.

The following is an account of the discovery of this bug and an assessment of the impact of exploiting the bug in the project BitBucket Pipelines environment.

Note: This post originally appeared on Bugcrowd’s blog it is re-posted here as the Bugcrowd post has suffered some format mangling and has been truncated, this appears to have occured during a blogging platform migration.

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